MA Contractor license for fabrication of boilers, pressure vessels, and fittings.

A Contractor License Holder: LBP0204703

Construction of Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Boiler External Piping & Categories A, B, C, D, E, F & H Fittings in accordance with the Safety Standards Act & Safety Standards General Regulation And Power Engineer, Boiler, Pressure Vessel Refrigeration Safety Regulation, CSA B51, and when referenced to the applicable codes: ASME I, ASME IV & ASME VIII. DIV. 1

ABSA Certificate of Authorization Permit: AQP-21976

CWB Certified to: W47.1, Division 2 Our CWB certifications include: Carbon steel – ALL POSITION SMAW MCAW FCAW Stainless steel – ALL POSITION SMAW MCAW FCAW

Weld procedures:

Specialized Industrial Ltd has 60 ASME
Weld Procedures as of November 11, 2018;

Groove & Fillet Welds:
1.) Thicknesses of groove welds from: 1/16″
thru 8.00″, fillet welds to no limit using
SMAW; GTAW; FCAW; GMAW processes.
2.) ASME P-numbers: P-1; P-4; P-5A;
P-6; P-8; P-10H; P-15E; P-23; P-43; P-45.
3.) ASME F-numbers: F-3; F-4; F-5; F-6; F-43.
4.) Qualified for: Tensile & Bends Tests;
Chemical Analysis; Metallographic Test;
Impact Tested to -46°C for Carbon Steel
& up to -196°C for Stainless Steel;
PWHT; Ferrite & Vickers Hardness Testing.

Corrosion Resistant Overlay Welds:
1.) Thicknesses of Corrosion Resistant Overlay welds
from: 0.095″ to unlimited using SMAW;
GTAW & FCAW processes for Single &
Multi-Layers welds.
2.) ASME P-numbers: P-1.
3.) ASME F-numbers: F-6; F-43.
4.) Qualified for: Liquid Penetrant Inspections;
Bend Tests & Chemical Analysis Report.